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Rules & Regulations

Library Rules and Regulations

All users are expected to abide by the underlisted rules and regulations of the Sokoto State University library. Hence, without prejudice to the punishment as may be specified below, the University shall deal with any library user who flagrantly infringes on the library’s rules and regulations:

  1. Bag, brief Case, and other similar items are not allowed into the library. These items must be left in the pigeon holes provided at the entrance. It is advisable not to leave any valuable item in bag, because all such items are kept at owners’ risk.
  2. Library I. D. Card must be presented by any library user before he/she is allowed to enter the library.
  3. Eating, drinking or taking any eatable item/drinks is not allowed in the library. Hence, Readers should not bring into the library things like water, biscuits, meat pie, sweets, groundnuts, milk yoghurt, can or bottled juice and other snacks. The residues and smell of food items attracts insects, rodents and other creatures that are destructive to library materials.
  4. Any act of disturbance is prohibited in the library. This include noise making, noisy movements, sleeping, bubbling with chewing gum, and so on. All library users must conduct themselves in an orderly manner in all parts of the library always. All enquiries should be made quietly.
  5. Group discussion is strictly prohibited.
  6. All library materials and equipment must be handled with utmost care. Any damage to such materials or equipment must be reported at once.
  7. The University Librarian shall cause any reader to pay the cost of repair /replacement of any damaged material or equipment.
  8. The person responsible for the cost of replacement estimated by the University Librarian shall pay for any book or other library material, which is lost, destroyed or damaged.
  9. The University Librarian is empowered to suspend and or report for disciplinary actions against any person who flagrantly infringes the library rules and regulations from the use of any or all of the library services/facilities.
  10. All library materials taken out on loan by students must be returned by the end of each academic session notwithstanding the date(s) due for return. Offenders shall be surcharge as in overdue cases.
  11. All library users should restrict themselves from access to areas that are “out-of- bound” to non-library staff.
  12. Library tickets are not transferable. These are valuable documents and a library userwill be held responsible for the books or any material issued against his/her ticket
  13. Books must be returned immediately on demand from the library.
  14. Before leaving the University finally, each user must return all books loaned to him/her by the library. Also the library membership card and tickets issued to him/her must be surrendered to the library. Failure to do so, may delay his/her clearance by the University library.
  15. Readers must avoid marking, tracing or defacing on any library material. This act is strictly forbidden.
  16. Readers must show all books in their possession to the porters when leaving the library. This is to ensure that all library books have been properly issued out.
  17. Smoking, the use of matches, lighters, fire or naked lights, knives, razorblades, pairs of scissors and other dangerous objects or items are prohibited in the library and its premises. Offenders will be rusticated from the university for a period of one semester.
  18. Library users are not allowed to use any electrical appliance including rechargeable lanterns, and flash cameras in the library without prior authorization by the University Librarian. Such items shall be confiscated immediately.
  19. All library books and journals (except reserve books) must be left on the reading tables after using them. Readers should not return any library material back to the shelves after use.
  20. Hiding of any library material is also not allowed.
  21. Readers should not reserve seats either for themselves or for others. Library staff should remove books and/or other materials from any seat left unoccupied and allocate the space to another user of the library.
  22. Use of mobile phones and other audio-visual or electronic devices is not allowed in the library. Such items shall be confiscated and kept for a certain period as may be decided by the University Librarian. A repeat of such offence attracts a more severe disciplinary action.
  23. In case of any emergency situation whereby readers are not safe, they will be requested to vacate the library premises immediately.
  24. Theft or mutilation of any Library material is a serious offence punishable by EXPULSION.
  25. All Readers should note that violation of any of the library rules and regulations attracts appropriate disciplinary action.
  26. The above rules and regulations are subject to review based on the exigencies of the time.


  • Users Education

    The library also engage on user education where patrons are given basic Library and other related training for efficient utilization of library resources and services. Slot Gacor Hari ini

  • e-Books and e-Journals Now Available

    Newly Subscribed e-resources (e-Books and e-Journals) are now available at College Library website. Obtain a login details from e-Library Section for access, in order to download free e-resources.

  • Request for the submission of Institutional based e-resources repository

    We are hereby request all the University staff to submit their course lecture materials, or any publication or e-resources for upload to our Institutional Repository.

  • e-Library Services Now Available

    This is to inform the University Community that the e-Library services and resources are now much better and available for you. We are looking forward to see you during the library opening hours.


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